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Universal Translator Assistant using the technology of today to bring the theories of yesterday to the languages of tomorrow

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Simple lookup tool - based on vocabulary for UTA at www.mrklingon.org. Lets you enter single English/Klingon words and find possible Klingon equivalent.

Click the language to choose which language you are ENTERING for the search. ("Federation" means Federation Standard - aka English)

The input can be a phrase, output displayed will be the list of input words and translated words. It goes in ONE direction English-->Klingon or Klingon-->English.

A Klingon Word from the Word Website

Klingon Word RSS Feed and Podcast

A Mando'a Word for a Warrior Website

Mando'a Word RSS Feed and Podcast

MiitKad / Word Sword The simplest text editor in the Universe!

Mando'a (Mandalorian)Language Resource at http://mrklingon.org/mando

Try the Klingon Language Version of the World English Bible!


HerghDaj tlhappu' SuvwI'na' A true Warrior takes his medicine! Learn about Vaccines here: www.vaccineinformation.com!!

Software Archive  - Quick Klingon- Lessons-   Ask MrKlingon!      How Many Aliens ARE there?   Count them with the Drake Equation The Ten Commandments in Klingon

Some programs in Scratch and Micro:Bit!

What is MrKlingon reading these days?

NEW!  Classic UTA for Windows updated to include the Galactic Phrasebook!

Self installing UTA file

Introduction to Ancient Klingon Mathematics - do math the way ancient Klingons did!

Important: What is Wrong with this? - why UTA isn't a translator

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